Past circulation of the Mediterranean Sea; A model approach

Convergence between the African-Arabian plate and the Eurasian plate not only had a strong expression in the form of mountain building and back-arc extension, it also left a clear expression in the sediments that accumulated in the basin that straddles the plate boundary. Two characteristics of the Neogene record of the Mediterranean, the regular occurrence of organic-rich deposits and the Messinian-age evaporites, clearly testify to the basin’s land-locked nature. The overarching objective of our work is to try and better understand the mechanisms responsible for these atypical marine deposits, making use of theory and numerical modelling. In this seminar I will illustrate our approach, explain how we employ models of varying complexity to tackle specific questions and pay special attention to on-going work on the Messinian Salinity Crisis.

תאריך 4/02/2018 12:00 23:00
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